dim-gerous light

Year: 2015

Designer: Wen-Hsin Tu

“Story of a light”

There are two comparison in the work. The first one is the feeling of jeopardy created by “hanging” and safety given by the light. The other one is textural contradiction caused by visual form. The soft hemp rope looks hard because it’s standing still. Meanwhile, the solid neon looks soft due to the naturally-hanging shape.

In addition, there’s one more special meaning the designer want to convey: ”revival”. The reason why I choose neon instead of LED is because neon lights are becoming rare. Back in old good times, neon lighted up every block. But now it’s hard to see. And neon makers in Taiwan are losing their jobs due to this situation. The designer loves neon’s perfectly rounded shape and equal light come out from it. That is what LED tube can’t replace. The lamp’s droopy look is just like the decline of this sunset industry. she hopes she can find a new route for neon by showing everyone that it can be used in a creative and interesting way.