Year: 2017

Team: Wen-hsin Tu/ Hsiang-Hsi Lu/ Han-Chuan Yang

“Living room that is not television-centered”

The main characteristic of living room was designed as a working area for each person in the apartment. The furniture of the entrance and the rest area was based on the insufficient functions (the needs of reducing the interference and communication) of working area to design and suit everyone’s habits. The designers created an individual working area in the living room, so that flatmates might have more reasons to gather together. On top of that, we also made some arrangements for the other areas to make the living room proper and comfortable.

“Working Furniture with Personal Rest Space”

The designers goal is to let people work and rest in one piece of furniture. People have many social contact with other people nowadays, providing a personal rest space can enhance people’s sense of belonging to this place. This furniture can not only placed in a co-living apartment, but also in a co-working space or an office. The designers also considerated many details to make this furniture comfortable and meet the needs. Including the height, the light, the cushion, the assembly and so on.