A seating series designed for corner spaces, presenting a solitary moment that conveys the message “everyone needs space for themselves.” The seatings create an interface between people and space. This interrelationship leads to the specific characters of the seatings, and these characteristics hint to the user how they can use the space in a novel way.

The simple lines come from the specialties of certain places. When we don’t use it, it just fits the room. But we can simply turn it over and complete a structure, which one can sit on it stable. Every piece can only works with certain places.

The typical layout of living room is television-centered and it doesn’t meet the needs of the various modern living-types. As a result, we decided to change the living room into an individual-centered space. Make flatmates willing to come out from their own room and change the space by furniture design.

“The profession in the kitchen should be seen.” To change the meaning of a kitchen from only a kitchen to also a working space. A kitchen is not only a space for cooking, it’s also a working space for cooking lovers, even a space that homemaker spend much time in.

The aim is to design a better hook to satisfy our desire to show the appliances. There are some problems with the S hook, which is the most seen in the kitchen. A better hanging system could provide a better using experience.

There are two comparison in the work. The first one is the feeling of jeopardy created by “hanging” and safety given by the light. The other one is textural contradiction caused by visual form. The soft hemp rope looks hard because it’s standing still. Meanwhile, the solid neon looks soft due to the naturally-hanging shape. In addition, this work conveys one more special meaning: ”revival”. The lamp’s droopy look is just like the decline of this sunset industry. This work find a new route for neon by showing that it can be used in a creative and interesting way.

Everyone has a chair that many clothes stack on it. Instead of creating a new piece of furniture to fulfill the need, this product become the medium between chair and wardrobe. Users don't need to get rid of this bad habit, that is stacking clothes on the chair, but they can enjoy the convenience organizing and transferring the clothes into wardrobe easily with the help of this product.

A rotation pen that is compatible for over 60+ refills. This project was completed during my one-year internship at Tronnovate Design Laboratory. A new version of the TAKUMI pure+, which has been Crowd-funding on KICKSTARTER.

A “single function robot” that is easy carrying and could help us brush the teeth automatically. It can help us brush our teeth, just like creeping in our mouth, and it can detect the smell of our mouth, just like a pet lie on our hand and caring of our health.

Close-up magazine trying to transform the things, issues or knowledge into images , providing readers a different perspective to understand one thing. 

We always consider to make design people-oriented, but how about the way that we deliver the design to the public? Not only design has to be considerate and people-oriented, but also the way that we introduce them. The exhibits on display, the way we present the exhibition, and the space design of the exhibition follow the same formula. Making design no more a difficult thing to be understood and making design exhibition closer to the viewers are our goal.